Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Guardian Pets

The Guardian Pets

Four teens are sent to a mysterious island. Their only way of surviving this place full of magic and monsters is through four animals.(Inu and Neko spots available as well as humans)


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This topic is an Out Of Character part of the roleplay, ?The Guardian Pets?. Anything posted here will also show up there.

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Forum for completely Out of Character (OOC) discussion, based around whatever is happening In Character (IC). Discuss plans, storylines, and events; Recruit for your roleplaying game, or find a GM for your playergroup.
This is my rp

Feel free to reserve a character or ask questions if you want to I don't bite that much.

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Hey ceh. i came to join another one of your roleplays. im curretnly more free then ever! so ill like to take one of the inu girls or neko... i like both~ and for beast riders ill defiantly post when i catch up.

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I would like to reserve an animal warrior...

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Can I reserve a female inu

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Okay okay but Uchiha you will have to take the male Inu if you want an animal warrior also if anyone knows of anyone who may want a human part please speak up

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Road to 2014 World Cup starts


AP Sports Writer

Associated Press Sports

updated 12:18 p.m. ET Sept. 5, 2012

LONDON (AP) - The road to the 2014 World Cup in Brazil begins for European teams on Friday, with the top lineups expected to ease into their group campaigns after being handed some benign opening qualifying matches.

France will be eager for a fast start in Group I after being pooled with world champion Spain, which has the night off from qualifying and instead faces Saudi Arabia in an exhibition in Galicia.

The French, under new coach in Didier Deschamps, will look to avoid the kind of early slipup that marred the start to their Euro 2012 qualifying campaign, when they lost 1-0 at home to Belarus.

The Belarusians are in the same World Cup qualifying group, with the teams meeting in Paris on Tuesday. First up for Les Bleus is a trip to 96th-ranked Finland on Friday.

"We'll have to be at 200 percent during both games against Spain if we want to beat them," France midfielder Yohan Cabaye said. "But we have two games to win against Finland and Belarus first to put ourselves in a good position before playing Spain.

"We have to fight with the idea of getting first place in the group."

Germany is at home to the lowly Faeroe Islands in Group C and England takes on 141st-ranked Moldova in Group H with coach Roy Hodgson acknowledging that "for us, they are going to be pretty much unknown."

With Euro 2012 finalist Italy visiting Bulgaria in Group B, the biggest test for a heavyweight European side could come in Amsterdam where the Netherlands will look to end a four-match losing run when they host Turkey in Group D.

Following the departure of Bert van Marwijk, the Dutch are under the command of Louis van Gaal and one of his first tasks is to decide between Robin van Persie or Klaas Jan Huntelaar to lead his forward line in World Cup qualifying.

Huntelaar started ahead of his fellow striker in the Netherlands' most recent match - a 4-2 loss to Belgium in an exhibition last month - but Van Persie looks in fine form after scoring four goals in his last two games for new club Manchester United.

"I'm just available," Van Persie said. "It does not matter what I think - those are questions for the coach. I am available for any position."

Turkey failed to qualify for Euro 2012 but is ranked 35th. It has the players to trouble the Dutch, who go on to meet Hungary on Tuesday.

Qualifying continues for teams in Oceania, Asia, CONCACAF and South America. In total, 76 matches will be played around the world from Friday to Tuesday.

In the European zone, only one team goes through automatically for the 2014 finals from the nine groups, so the head-to-heads between Spain and France in October and March will be key.

The Spanish have won their last three meetings and defended their European title in Poland and Ukraine this summer to claim their third major title in a row.

Deschamps, who replaced Laurent Blanc in charge of France, has eyes only on top spot in its five-team group and won't be satisfied by reaching Brazil through the playoffs open to second-place finishers.

"We aren't going to start off by saying we are going to finish second - it doesn't serve anybody any good to speak about Spain at the moment," Deschamps said. "They are the big favorites, but our target is to finish in front of them."

France is coming off a 0-0 home draw against Uruguay in an exhibition last month but should have no problems finding its form against Finland, which has never qualified for the finals of a major tournament.

Germany will play the Faeroes, Europe's third lowest-ranked team, above only Andorra and San Marino. A tougher test will come four days later when the Germans visit neighbor Austria. Sweden and Ireland are also in the group.

England will be without arguably its only two world-class players - Wayne Rooney and Ashley Cole - when it travels to Moldova, which Hodgson rates despite its 0-0 draw against Albania in a recent exhibition.

"There will be a lot of thought that Moldova are not very special, not very strong, but we certainly don't go into the game with that thought at all," said Hodgson, who begins his first qualifying campaign in charge of England.

"Certainly, my message to the players is, `I don't care if they are called Moldova. As far as I'm concerned, they could be called Brazil."'

? 2012 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.


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Road to 2014 World Cup starts

The road to the 2014 World Cup in Brazil begins for European teams on Friday, with the top lineups expected to ease into their group campaigns after being handed some benign opening qualifying matches.


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Beau Biden: 'My Mom Could Take' Paul Ryan in a Marathon

Beau Biden, son of Vice President Joe Biden, bashed Paul Ryan Wednesday for shaving more than an hour off his marathon time and even turned his attack into a family matter, saying "my mom could take him."

"The Romney-Ryan budget means what it says. I believe his math as it relates to his budget. I'm not sure if I believe his math as it relates to his marathon times," Beau Biden told the Veterans and Military Families Council Meeting in Charlotte, N.C. "You know those runners out here, Army personnel, Navy guys and women, Marines, airmen, Coast Guard. You know your times, right? You know what your PT score is right? That's not something you forget.

"I guess he's revised it and now it's up to around 4 hours," Biden added. "He said it was under three, which would make him kind of be able to qualify for the Olympics. It's now up to around four. It's close, getting near where my mom, who ran a marathon in about four and a half hours, so I guess he can compete with my mom. Maybe not. I think my mom could take him."

The crowd applauded as Biden's mother, Dr. Jill Biden, sat to his left.

Last week, Ryan, Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney's running mate, took some heat for inaccurately claiming he ran a marathon under three hours when he was 20 years old. But Ryan has since said he misstated his time. Runner's World magazine reported Ryan finished the Grandma's Marathon in Duluth, Minn., in 1990 with a time of 4:01:25.

Jill Biden, an avid runner who in 2010 told Runners magazine she ran five miles, five days a week, completed the Marine Corps Marathon in Washington, D.C., with a time of 4:30:02 in 1998.

Beau Biden, a major in the Delaware National Guard and an Iraq war veteran, accused Romney and Ryan of not prioritizing veteran's issues.

"We have a candidate named Mitt Romney who didn't even utter the word, 'veteran,' in his speech last week," he said. "He has a 59-point plan that doesn't mention the word, 'veteran.'"

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Juggling Jobs and Motherhood | Education Hub - Health, Finance ...

job kids Juggling Jobs and MotherhoodNot too long ago, my 2 year old daughter Alex has been sick. I did just what I?m certain the majority of mothers need to do whenever their child is ill. I kept her close all day long, watched films with her, allow her to nap on me, and helped clean her nose anytime she asked for (that appeared like every Ten seconds there for a long time). When my little one is ill, I would like her to constantly feel comforted and safe and realize that I?m there to be with her. That is what I am for in fact ? I am her mum. I would not get it any other way.

So part way through all this, I started to think about what mums do when they?ve got no option but to go to work even if the youngster is ill. I am aware that not all mums hold the shame free, relaxed choice of being at home when their baby is ill like I really do. Some ladies rather have wind up sending their kids to school or child care even if ill or to spend the day with a family member in order to start working and keep their work or simply make just as much cash as they can and keep food available which from my side is not the proper motherhood and should be changed. Some other ladies stay home with their children, but stress about how the wasted time at the office will impact their position. Women must be able to do all of it and mums shouldn?t have to choose.

The thing is, all Alex?s life I?ve been a stay at home mother who functions out of the home. A long time before Alex was born; I started shifting gears to make sure that I possibly could run my work from home business whilst being a mum. It?s a selection I made, as it was greatly essential to me. I willed it to be effective and it did. As I appreciate what I do, the thing I adore most regarding it is the independence it has provided me. I am full time mum, business owner, profession woman all packaged into one. My numerous jobs are not easy, even so love my life!

I fear my girl getting ill again, however I know it is unavoidable. 2 year olds appear to continuously be catching something. I?ve found comfort in understanding that I?ll be the one to comfort and ease her so she does not feel quite as sad, clean her drippy nose, watch Curious George, and give her toast till she is back on her feet once again going full speed over the house, having fun with Benny the dog, and playing her favourite Sesame Street tunes on the tiny red piano. Because I?m her mum.


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